Think Tanks

Collaboration is at the core of the PPA Leadership Summit, providing a platform for attendees to connect, share insights and problem-solve. These are interactive sessions bringing all attendees on camera, led by a session moderator. Numbers for each session will be limited to ensure an active, high-value experience for all participants.

Note: Think Tanks are for publishers only and you will be asked to pre-select your sessions nearer the time.

1. The Future of Content Creation

Publishers are under intense pressure to create more content, for more channels, than ever before. But most publishers are doing it with smaller teams than in the past -- and with the same tools as 10 years ago. How can publishers create compelling content at scale? What are the new technologies and strategies publishers are using to “feed the beast” and grow their audiences? In this session, Shutterstock’s Ben Giles will curate a conversation that sheds light on best practices for content creation, including distributed production and data-informed creativity.


  • Ben Giles, Director - Media, Shutterstock Editorial
  • Andy Cowles, Creative Director, Cowles Media

2. Cost Transformation and Balancing Risk

Media companies have faced more challenges than many sectors during the pandemic, but this period of reinvention has also offered opportunity to streamline business models. Fresh thinking is changing how content is produced and disseminated, and we’re witnessing cost and revenue models change significantly as a result. In this session we’ll explore together which cost-cutting strategies deliver rapid efficiencies, and conversely, where publishers should be investing to achieve long-term growth.


  • Rob Barham, Group Sales Director, Air Business
  • Graham Johnson, Consultant Development Director, Air Business

3. Make Your Subscription Business Fly By Putting Your Readers First

Join this session to explore practical ways to drive subscription growth & retention with a particular focus on your readership. We'll share examples from Dennis Publishing, Tortoise Media and Conde Nast on how to successfully convert, better understand and keep hold of your readers.


  • Jonny Kaldor, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Pugpig
  • Pete Wootton, Chief Operating Officer, Dennis Publishing

4. Digitising, Diversifying and Adding Value to Live Events

We kick this session off with a case study outlining how AgriBriefing's LAMMA, one of Europe's largest trade shows with an 161,000 attendee database, expanded its 2-day NEC-based event and digitised it with sustainable results. We'll then open up conversation for delegates to explore solutions and sense check their biggest challenges around how to monetise digital and in-person events as a long term strategy.


  • Marjan Askins, Digital and Technology Lead, AgriBriefing
  • Markus Karlsson, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Affino

5. How Audio Can Diversify and Maximise Revenue and Audience Growth

With more than 18% of UK adults listening to a podcast every week, and numbers continuing to rise, are publishers getting the most out of their podcast strategy? (Do they even have one?) What do publishers need to know about the podcasting landscape to add a successful audio arm to their organisation? What tools and analytics will help them learn and adapt their audio editorial output? How can sales teams monetise podcasts? What’s the long game with a podcast, and how can it pay off? During this discussion, publishers will have the chance to debate and discuss all of this and more.


  • Alex Fuller, Publisher Partner Manager, Acast
  • Kate Lockie, Publisher Account Manager, Acast

Publisher Partner Manager
Creative Director
Cowles Media
Director - Media
Shutterstock Editorial
Consultant Development Director
Air Business
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Publisher Account Manager
Digital and Technology Lead
Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Dennis Publishing
Group Sales Director
Air Business